About the Journal

Welcome to the Journal of Human Security, your premier destination for insights and research dedicated to advancing the cause of human security at all levels. We are committed to serving as a think-tank of national and international competence, working tirelessly to safeguard individuals, families, and communities against threats to their well-being.

Scope and Aims:

The Journal of Human Security covers a broad spectrum of topics crucial to understanding and enhancing human security, including but not limited to:

  1. Policy-Relevant Research: Our platform conducts and publishes research that informs policy-making and contributes to the development of effective strategies for promoting human security.

  2. Collaboration with Institutions: We actively seek collaboration with like-minded institutions to address various dimensions of human security, fostering a collective effort to tackle complex challenges.

  3. Public-Private Partnerships: We advocate for and promote partnerships between the public and private sectors to find innovative solutions to threats facing human security.

Our Inspiration:

  1. Conducting Policy-Relevant Research: Through our platforms, we aim to conduct research that informs policy-making and contributes to the advancement of human security.

  2. Collaboration with Like-Minded Institutions: We strive to collaborate with institutions that share our commitment to promoting human security, working together to address its various dimensions.

  3. Promotion of Public-Private Partnerships: We advocate for the importance of public-private partnerships in finding effective solutions to the threats facing human security.

Join us in our mission to protect and enhance human security for all.

Contact us for any queries at thsi.islamabad@gmail.com

Office Address: Office 506 (D) 5th floor. Evacuee Trust Complex, Agha Khan Road, F-5/4, Islamabad Pakistan.


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Vol. 1 No. 1 (2023): July-DEC, 2023
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